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Welcome to Sarah Fuller's Pottery & Studio, founded in 1985... just footsteps from the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea!

Her wide selection of original thrown pottery features popular Caribbean motifs, such as:  shells, palm trees, sugar mills, fish and seahorses.

•  Indoor & outdoor hangings made of pottery and driftwood
•  Candle holders
•  Sconces, lamps, light fixtures
•  Bowls, plates, mugs, dining wear
•  Decorative hand-painted tiles

In addition to displaying artwork, the Studio is also open for tours to view the pottery process.


Sarah's original art work is made using 100% local clay processed at her studio. With the help of Raymond and Austen, each hand-made work of art is unique in color and style.

1. The clay is gathered from nearby hills in Antigua.

2. The clay is blended with water in a mixer, to achieve the desired consistency and smoothness.

3. Clay is poured into open, holding boxes where it is allowed to air-dry outside. It takes about 5 days to achieve the desired consistency.

4. The clay is put through a "Pug Mill". It churns the clay like a bread-maker. It forms the clay into round, tube-like shapes. The clay is stored until ready to use.

5. The pieces are all handmade using a variety of methods - wheel thrown, slab, coil-building, pinching and padding to achieve the forms. After partial drying, the designs are carved into the surfaces. For some lamps and hangings, Sarah carefully shapes and applies added pieces of clay to her special three-dimensional design.

6. The work is bisque-fired in a gas kiln made of fire bricks. It is heated to 1015 degrees celsius for about 5 hours - giving it strength and hardness.

7. Some pieces are glazed using a hand-dip method or sprayed. A selection of hand-made glazes is used - which gives all of Sarah's pieces a unique look and feel. The glazes are available in a variety of colors such as; Caribbean Sea Glaze, Crack Green Glaze. These pieces are then glaze fired to the higher temperature of 1160 degrees celsius.

8. Alternatively, some hand built pieces are painstakingly burnished before being smoke-fired using wood sawdust and shavings in a metal drum. The rich and varied markings are achieved by the careful packing of pots, how one touches another, by creating air pockets in the sawdust and shavings. Once the flames have done their work and made their mark, these pieces are cleaned and given a light polish with pure beeswax to highlight the unique markings.

9. Each finished piece of pottery is unique in character and 100% made in Antigua. You can find a colorful selection available for purchase at our Studio or our Shop in St. John's. Her work is also available at Harmony Hall and at select hotel gift shops.


Contact Information:
Shop Tel: (268) 462-5503
Cel: (268) 726-1550



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